The Purchase Rule

What is “The Purchase Rule”?

When a WinPay user¬†wants to purchase a product from the merchant that requires “The Purchase Rule”, the WinPay user has to purchase the specified percentage of the WinPay points from the merchant of said product. The percentages varies from merchant to merchant. You can find out their purchase rules via their merchant page in this website. You can also give the merchant a call to inquire regarding their purchase rule.

For example, ‘Product A’ costs 1000 WinPay points to purchase, and the merchant specified their purchase rule to be 20%.¬† The WinPay user have to purchase at least 800 points (80%) from the WinPay merchant with cash, and subsequently pay 1000 points for the product.

This is implemented as products are purchased from suppliers using cash, and cash is required to allow the merchants to continue to supply the products.

NOT all merchants will implement this rule, but for those who do, the WinPay user have to agree to the conditions of “The Purchase Rule”.

You can find out if a merchant has implemented “The Purchase Rule” by looking at the bottom of their respective merchant page.